Title and Creator: My Philosophy for Effective Living by Jim Rohn

Synopsis of Information:

This is a compilation of the essentials from Jim Rohn’s guides and talks spanning several many years. It was place with each other and published by Vic Johnson who also wrote the Forward. Johnson was a scholar of his do the job and has turn into an attained creator, speaker and motivational pro in his individual proper.

The written content of this small guide is pure Jim Rohn. There is absolutely nothing new below, and he would have permitted. He often stated that when it came to the fundamentals there was never anything “new”.

The e-book handles a lot of of Rohn’s preference tales. They include lessons he acquired from his mentor as well as lessons he learned on his have. He celebrates the American Ladder of Achievements and discusses the distinctive chances available to everyone in The united states to make wealth.

There are chapters on productiveness and general performance, setting up the ideal particular philosophy for achievement, doing the job with others, a evaluate of the fundamentals, that is The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 course age previous ideas of accomplishment that Rohn beloved to train, measuring good results and finishes with his 6 techniques for major an remarkable lifestyle.

Vic Johnson is a great admirer of Rohn’s simple wisdom. He has cobbled the necessities of all of his get the job done into this just one tiny e book. It is an exceptional introduction to Jim Rohn’s function and leaves you seeking much more. Just after looking at this you will want to hear to his unforgettable talks on CD or read his guides in depth. There are not a lot of strategies you can understand far more about how achievement works.


Jim Rohn’s achievement system is easy while for many it may not be quick. He insists you consider total responsibility for your possess results and failure. He teaches the benefit of regular self-enhancement. He provides easy classes on how monetarily successful folks direct their life and how unsuccessful folks lead their lives. He realized these classes the hard way, progressing from a lousy school dropout to a millionaire who spoke to thousands and thousands of persons globally. This e book is very valuable to everyone really serious about self-improvement and setting up prosperity.