Throughout the Christian society, baptism is regarded as the Holy Sacraments which each individual must undergo. A few months following the birth of a baby, this basic practice, which is generally celebrated for a half or whole day, will be held in the church where this baby is assigned his / her name. The pouring of holy water on the child’s forehead is one of the important symbols of this ritual. However, the importance of baptism is much more than just the giving of a name within the lifetime of a Christian.

Even though many people take part in this solemn ritual, most people do not understand the full concept of it. The following are a few important reasons for baptizing a child.

Colossians 2 mentions that baptism is a way for us to be united with Jesus. Whilst everybody is born sinful, this ritual will allow an individual to become born anew without sin, since Christ is with him or her through the entire baptismal procedure. During baptism, there are godfathers, godmothers, parents and various other witnesses on hand to pledge for the little one, to turn from sin and embraceĀ IFCJ reviews Christ.

Baptism demonstrates to the society that this baby or person is actually a Christian, who is denouncing all evil doings and this is a public declaration of their faith.

This ritual allows not only the little one, but everybody who’s watching the celebration, to enunciate their own belief for the passing away, resurrection and purifying of God’s kids from sin.

This implies that the family recognizes that actually Christ himself had been baptized not necessarily to be free of sin, yet to rejoin with God once more.
Baptism will show that we honor God and acknowledge the power that he has to overcome our sins.

This shows that we believe that by faith we will take part in this practice.

Babies are baptized because this implies that the path of spiritual growth begins from childhood years to adulthood.

This likewise signifies acceptance of Holy Spirit, which makes it easier for believers to follow Christ since the Holy Spirit will act as a guide.

A baptism is regarded as a holy sacrament, so every facet of it must be honored and revered. Similar to how Christ himself had surrendered humbly to this sacrament, His children should do the same and follow his teachings and life.